THe Host

Alone in the dark

In here it's white and bright

Waiting for someone to catch me

Falling through empty rooms I see


If there's someone with a net

Could we be tangled in it 

Together no one will notice


A flash and we're back

Everybody's arrived 

in motion 

You saved the cash 

trying to drink the ocean

Drawed on the moon 

Singing at the wall


If there's someone with a net

Pull it from under me

I'd want to se 

In Bulk

Cramped in a quiet crowd

Distance is our similarity

Dancing, talking indiffenrently

we all show up alone

we all come in bulk


Evenings like melting ice

A whirlpool of warmth

Can I punch or charm

Drawn by my own demise

I let lose the rubble and dirt

this canyon parting every flirt

we all show up alone

we all come in bulk


there’s a hood I’m wearing

lying down and standing up

I’ve poured over the top

turns out we’re all sharing

a drink in the woods

where I dug down the goods

we all show up alone

we all come in bulk

Iron Inside Iron

For now

We’re here

So slow

Where’s the iron inside

Draggin’ down guarding

A wish to secede

Everything we are is none

For now we are

Iron inside

For now

We are

Iron inside iron

Golden Babe

Taunting skirt moving like a bird

Playing with the mind and the third

Step towards the quivering spot

Twine those meatful legs like a god

Brown piercing eyes burning lids

The heads on the wall blow bits

Of their fiery thoughts with bliss

In wish for just a single kiss


Flashing lights and sounds so deep

This was a moment a moment to keep

Swallowed tongues something's gone

Images tasting so sweet and so on 

Take heed of her heels hiking away 

Triumphant on the ground a golden babe 

Yours Truly

Somewhere on the floor

Building wet towels

Sweeping the door

Slurring vowels


Is everybody else

Speaking in tubes

Sledgehammering bells

Bring down dudes


Singing prune mash

Keeping the reel

From a latter crash

Leashes are real


Mine can’t feel

Mine can’t feel

Sign this night

Yours truly


Kind side rewind the grit

Attacked a better backlash

Poorly rolled crashing bloke

Your own horse sings hoarse

Coarse curses dark and drank 


Circuits of your sister

Partly parted from behind

Partially playing out time


Raining rain all night 

Following streams can't be

Fast enough to deem

You asshole moving a

Moving man against

His will to be respected


Don't you see my right side 

Is sliding faster towards

The floor 

Tiny Monday

Tomorrows grey

Is taking place

Right above this sinking face

These hands held in the soil

What has been cant be spoiled

Dreaming of our kissing place


Falling asleep with your face

This day is not a day but a system of hours, minutes and seconds

Molded a tower

Lying at the feet of this colossus

It is hard to see us 


On this tiny monday