Nord Stage 88

Creating Trailblazin'


The last song for our upcoming EP is finished. We're recording it in June and July, and then there's less time than now, till you can enjoy all of our new songs in comfortable surroundings of your own choice. Here an excerpt from the creation of our song Trailblazin'.




Thanks to everyone showing up at Underwerket, we enjoyed playing for you. Thanks to Myfriendandi for inviting us, and to Astral TV and Krystal for great music!




Rehearsing with funky lights for next weeks concert at Oure Højskole


Catch Your Baby's Breath


Good weekend to you all. Here's a sample of one of our three new songs. During autumn and winter we'll play a couple of shows. More info will follow later. Next week we're building new visual screens. There's a lot happening and we're looking forward to sharing the fruits of our work with all of you.


Recording Album


Luckily we didn't only sleep in the studio. Here's a cozy collection of photos from the week in Aarhus Lydstudie recording 'Yours Truly'. Now it's mixing time, and we cannot wait to hear the result.




Here are some pictures from the concert last saturday at Kulisselageret supporting Indians. Thanks to everyone attending the concert, we had a marvelous evening!

Photos shot by Peter Nielsen.


The Host, A Spring


For the last months we’ve been working on new songs, and we’ll keep doing that for a while. Here’s a session from the rehearsal room with two of our new tunes “The Host” and “A Spring”.

Video by Jon Kern


Ind Med 4-toget


A little late, but here are some pictures from our concert at Gyngen on the 15th of december. It was a great evening with lots of nice music. We had a good time. 

Thanks to Maria Dønvang and Stefan Vladimirov who took the pictures


A Live Version


Performing “We’re Not Here To Stay” with our home made music controlled light show.

Video shot by Jon Kern.