Church singing

We're still alive


Dear everybody,

We have been quiet for a while.


Nikolaj is in the Netherlands studying at the conservatory in Rotterdam and also jamming on all his electronic stuff.



Kasper is having a cosy time in western Jutland making his own apple juice at the "højskole" he is attending.



Per has started a psychological study and is now the only one of us still in Aarhus. Once in a while he visits his mother to get some food with plenty of salt.



Morten is building organs in Lyngby with all of his many organ buddies and sometimes he is singing a little song in a church.


In spite of all these many diversions we're continuing the work on our new album which is going to be called "Yours Truly". That's all for now but don't worry soon there'll be lots of exciting news from.

Yours Truly, 

Silent People