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2016 Digital Download
Yours Truly album
Mug 6 different designs
incl. Yours Truly download
2016 Digital download
Golden Babe single

Point single
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RUST (CPH) with Mikas and Favourite Places 12.11.2016

Kansas City (Odense) 29.10.2016

Oure Højskole 27.10.2016

Audition Days @ Huset-KBH (CPH) 07.10.2016

Rumrejsen 2016 @ Templet (Lyngby) 07.06.2016

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge (CPH) with Love Talk 23.03.2016

Scene 7 (Herning) with Love Talk 25.03.2016

Atlas (Aarhus) supporting Tricot 26.03.2016

Ideal Bar (CPH) supporting Samaris 02.12.2014

Rabbit hole Festival (Horsens) 15.08.2014

Råhuset (CPH) w/ The Brazierlights In The Window + Shortwave Broadcaster 25.05.2014

Kulisselageret (Horsens) supporting Indians 25.05.2014

Gyngen (Aarhus). “Ind Med 4-toget” w/ Musik til Mor, Tidlige Armbånd, Nanna Schannong & Leervig 15.12.2012

Café Zusammen (CPH) “‘Ind Med 4-toget” w/ Musik til Mor, Tidlige Armbånd & Leervig 06.12.2012

Østbirk Bibliotek (Østbirk) 02.10.2012

LiteraturHaus (CPH) 18.10.2012

Mellemrummet (CPH) 29.09.2012

 Gimle (Roskilde) w/ Tidlige Armbånd 28.09.2012

 Fairbar (Aarhus) w/ Tidlige Armbånd 25.08.2012

Rosenkrantzgade Collective (Aarhus) 19.05.2012

Musikhuset Aarhus (Aarhus) 31.02.2011

Rabalder Festival (Roskilde) 14.05.2011





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